ed cowan

In The Firing Line: Diary of a Season

'In The Firing Line' is a diary of the Australian domestic cricket season as seen through the eyes of one of it's participants - a man on the periphery of the international game.

"Intensity at training was lifted significantly purely through the presence of Ricky Ponting, who will be playing the next two Sheffield Shield games with us. It can be an awkward introduction when one of the big boys enters the change room. You throw out a hand and say hi, but how do you respond to "Hi, I am Ricky"? You know full well who it is, you are a little excited by the whole moment, and you don't know how much you should draw out the conversation. 'Is that Ricky with a y or ie?'"

"In The Firing Line: Diary of a Season" is now available! Copies can be ordered online via the New South Publishing website
, in e-book format through iTunes and for UK readers, a kindle version can be purchased at Amazon.


For international readers, copies of "In The Firing Line" can be ordered through your local book retailer. You may need to advise them that the book is being distributed through Eurospan and the ISBN is 9781742233154.

Photos from the Tasmanian Tigers Sheffield Shield winning season of 2010-11 (as described in "In The Firing Line: Diary of a Season" can be seen here.

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